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Mikonboard is a software development agency and technology consultancy based in London, Prague and Yerevan.

Run by a core team of versatile professionals with over 70 years of collective experience, we are experts in developing enterprise-grade websites and software, as well as implementing agile methodologies and outsourcing.

Our projects over the years include creating multi-language web-portals, scaling bespoke internal enterprise software across 14 countries, and developing mobile applications for online and offline data-collection, as well as complex data analysis.


We strive to give the best service to our clients

Technology Consulting

We provide consultancy services for an array of tech-centric business scenarios. We have particularly strong expertise in the following areas, but are always open to initial consultations for new challenges in greenfield and brownfield projects alike.

  • Enterprise Software Architecture
    • Planning for scale
    • Overhauling to manage scale
    • Introducing microservice architecture
  • Azure Cloud
    • Cloud computing architecture
    • Cost-optimisation
  • Software maintenance
  • Facilitating third-party integration

Upgrading / Migrating to Cloud

Utilizing cloud infrastructure is core for business success in the future. Despite this, many companies are still reluctant to migrate to cloud, because of the inherent risk of disrupting key business processes. However, Mikonboard are experts in this area, with a very strong track record of seamlessly migrating medium and large ASP.NET applications to Azure and AWS.

In addition, we can leverage cloud specific offerings such as Azure App Services, Azure Functions, Azure SQL, Azure Search, which enable us to introduce significant savings for our clients. Are you looking to future-proof your business? Let us help you.

Bespoke Software Development

We develop full-stack enterprise software for our clients, using a wide range of platforms and technologies. We are also able to offer a wide range of app & web development services.

We embrace agile methodology, and typically begin a project by identifying key stakeholders and product requirements across your business. After building a working prototype, we then rapidly iterate new features and versions in a continuous loop of development that ensures the best possible version of a product.

Hybrid outsourcing

With an international presence across the United Kingdom, Central and Eastern Europe, we are able to reduce development and company costs by creating hybrid project teams that include a mixture of on-site, near-shore, and off-shore developers.

By working with a trusted network of developers, we can guarantee successful outsourcing, and whenever outsourced solutions are in place, we ensure ongoing access to an account manager, with opportunity for regular on-site meetings.


We are delighted to be a part of our customer's ongoing success

Instore Pricing Tool

Mikonboard is proud to have created a multi-faceted enterprise solution for Nielsen's retail pricing studies. Currently used in 14 markets and counting worldwide. Click here to find out more...

Great British Chefs

We are pleased to continue an ongoing technology consultancy for Great British Chefs, the UK's leading premium food website. Over the last few years we drastically improved website performance and scalabilty. Click here to find out more...


Travelport brought in Mikonboard to overhaul an outdated business-critical enterprise solution. We modernized the software, resolved a number of long running issues and implemented a series of significant new features. Click here to find out more


To help during COVID-19. Mikonboard created a pro-bono platform for safeguarding and volunteer management. The platform enabled coronavirus volunteering groups to perform identity verification, phone and email verification on volunteers, enabling them to send checked volunteers to help vulnerable people. Click here to find out more


Milan Krizalkovic

CEO, Lead Consultant

Marek Stedra

Prague Team Leader

James Darby

Growth Consultant & Interim Head of Sales

Arsen Shahinyan

Senior Software Developer

Nina Mikoyan

Senior Software Developer


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